What you should be aware of when looking for iPhone screen repair services.

Do you need to fix the broken glass or touch issues on your iPhone? It is a good idea to shop around for the best deal. But be careful when you see low prices. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

Original Quality vs Aftermarket LCDs

Aftermarket LCDs tend to have issues like missing touches, shorter battery life, less outdoor visibility due to lower brightness and contrast, color differences, issues with polarized sun glasses, etc. The issues may take days to weeks to be noticeable. And many trade-in programs don’t accept iPhones with aftermarket screens. 

What we do differently is to restore your screen to Original Quality. An original quality screen is a screen that has been refurbished by a professional company that has the proper equipment to do so. We remove the glass and replace it with new glass. This means that these screens have an original LCD and touchscreen under new glass. Besides required technology and equipment, there is quite a bit of labor involved with refurbishing these screens so you will see that reflected in the prices. But in most cases the cost is only $10 to $50 more than aftermarket LCDs. 

Lenwell is one of the very few professional iPhone and Samsung screen repair shops in the entire US with the capability to perform this kind of repairs. Other shops send broken glass LCDs to overseas for refurbish.  This means that we can offer lower prices to restore your cracked screen to Original Quality than most repair shops in US, even with mail-in costs considered.