LCD Buyback Program

Located in Houston, Texas, Lenwell is one of the biggest broken screen buyers in the US. We process hundreds and hundreds of broken LCDs each day. To our advantage, we refurbish the screens here locally instead of sending them back to China like our competitors. It gives us a bigger profit margin and allows us to provide our sellers a much better price.

Our clients love to do business with us because we want to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships. we provide a fast payout, fair grading, and we can flexibly adapt our process to better fit our clients’ needs.

Great Deal

Fast Payout

Fair Grading


What types of LCD do you buy?

    We buyback Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone LCDs, and LCDs from Samsung phones and tablets.

How much will you pay for my LCDs?

    Our price depends on how many LCDs you sell to us, if you are selling, or have sold more LCDs, we will pay you more for each LCD, to get a quote, please email us via, or call us at (832) 275-5999

How do you grade my LCDs?

    When you send your screens to us, they will be inspected by our technicians and marked as different grade depending on their quality, in general we use the following guideline:

  • A: Screen is in prefect condition, no crack, no shadow, no touch issue
  • B: Screen is in good condition, have minor shadow, no touch issue
  • C: Screen is flawed, either have noticeable shadow, or touch is not working well
  • Bad: Screen have major issue, leaking or crack (Samsung BAD LCDs will be rejected)
  • Aftermarket: We also accept aftermarket screens, as long as they have a working display

Can I mail my LCDs to you?

    Yes, You are more than welcome to mail us your LCDs. You probably already know how shipping carriers treat packages. boxes are often thrown around in the sorting facilities. so, to ensure we receive your screen in the same condition that you sent them in, please pack your packages carefully: separate each screen so they don’t scratch each other, cover all sides of the box with cushion, try to fill all the empty space to stop them from moving around in the box, Lastly, use a hard, good quality box.

    For shipment of 5 items or more, you may request a free prepaid shipping label from us, just fill out this form and we will email you your label shortly.