In a hurry? Just turn in your broken screen for a new one!

The Lenwell LCD swap program is here for customers with a priority of fast service time.

Replacing the glass panel on a screen isn’t easy, you have to carefully peel off the broken glass, avoid any damage to the digitizer or the LCD, then you have to put on the new glass, make sure there isn’t any pressure point. This process takes a lot longer than just replacing the whole screen assembly.

That’s why Lenwell is providing a LCD swap program:

As long as your LCD is original and touch is working, you can ask for a LCD swap service, we take your broken screen to refurbish later, and you get a original quality refurbished screen assembly installed right away. If you want to install the assembly yourself, just mail or bring the broken screen assembly here and get a swap in minutes. For mail with 5 items or more, we will provide you a free prepaid shipping label.

We will test all screens thoroughly, we do not accept aftermarket or flawed screens for the swap program, so you won’t get those screen either. you can rest assured that every screen you get from us is a perfectly working, original quality screen.



Request your shipping label here.

Note: To be eligible for the SWAP program, your devices need to be fully functional without color or black spots. The only part broken is the top glass. Add $20-$50 if there are any touch issues on iPhones, iWatch or iPads. Samsung cell phones with touch issues are not eligible for the SWAP program. 

SWAP Program Guarantee:
Lenwell guarantees the LCD, digitizer and top glass on swapped screen are fully functional. The guarantee does not cover any other unrelated parts of your device.

Terms and Conditions
By dropping off or sending us your devices for SWAP program you are giving consent and acknowledging that Lenwell will take necessary steps to diagnose your device. Customers will be notified of confirmed conditions and quantities of the devices if different from those initially submitted by the customers.

Customers are responsible for backing up their data before any SWAP is done. Lenwell is not responsible for any data loss.

iPhones with digitizers and LCDs replaced, even using genuine Apple parts, will have an error message “Unable to verify this phone has a genuine Apple display” appearing on their lock screen for 4 days after the repair is first detected, then it’ll move to the main settings menu for 15 more days. After all that, it gets pushed away to Settings -> General -> About.