Crystal Magnetic Phone Case

crystal megnatic phone case
Stronger Magnets

Quality is the #1 priority

Bottom Cutout

Make putting on and taking off the case much easier and prevent cracking

Raised Camera Guard

Protect camera lens from scratches and drop

No Clamp

It holds your device magnetically, no more hard to open clamps, free your hands to do more meaningful things

Reinforced Magnets

Designed to hold your phone firmly on rough roads, our improved magnet strip emits a stronger force.


Removes the need of cables, further improves the convenience.

15 watts

Fast charge supported devices, it is up to 3 times faster than a conventional car charger

In your vehicle

The charger comes with a suction cup to stick on the windshield, it also come with a clamp which which you can use to clamp it on the AC

Adjust the stand to position your phone however you like, the simple design make the whole process much easier


10,000 milliamp

Full 10,000 mAh capacity, enough to charge most device 2 times and over

Fast Charge

Also support up to 15W wireless fast charge, get your device back to full in no time

Magnetic Ring

Strong enough to hold its own weight under your phone, but not too strong so it won't effect your GPS


Want to watch a show while charging? we got your back


See it in action

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