NOT all of these are trash

According to the EPA, although recycling numbers are continually raising in recent years, only about 40% of e-waste are recycled, the rest ended up in the landfill or incinerators, polluting our environment in the process. 

These e-waste are comprised of outdated devices, out fashioned devices, or broken devices and parts, many of them are still operational and can be reused. By throwing away all these devices, we are putting extra burden on our waste management systems. To help with these problems, Lenwell have started a recycling program to recycle and repurpose Apple and Samsung mobile devices.

Lenwell is transforming electronic waste management

Lenwell International Corp have the technology and equipment to repurpose phone and tablet that might end up in a landfill. Most devices thrown in the trash only had a few parts broken, about 80% of the device can be fixed for reuse.

Other than traditional waste management and recycling programs, which either break down the device to salvage the metal, or burry them in a landfill. Our recycling program will have experts carefully pick out reusable parts, then refurbish and reuse them. Unusable parts are transferred to our R2 certified recycling vendors for further processing. By doing this, we greatly reduce the amount of pollution caused by traditional waste management and keep the planet green.

Our green recycling process starts with you, if you are an organization who needs a recycling service for electronic waste, Please feel free to contact us here.

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