Tablet Screen Repair - Same day Mail-in Service


Professional tablet screen repair service for iPad or Samsung tablets, mail your device to us for same day screen repair. 

    After placing your order, please pack your package carefully, use a good quality box and fill empty space with cushion. Make sure you include a piece of paper with necessary information on it, these information include your name, phone number, address, what’s in the box, and what problem you want us to fix. After that, ship your package to Lenwell, 5750 Bintliff Dr Ste 210, Houston, TX 77036, once we receive your package, we will inspect your device and contact you for any issue that you haven’t discovered. If there is any additional cost, we will contact you first and get your consent before we repair anything, Once your device is repaired and tested, we will sent it back to you immediately. We usually send out the device in the same day as it is received by us.



Broken glass will be removed to inspect LCD Conditions 
We will only repair what buyer has authorized 
Please don't use UPS if you are sending in devices, packages have been lost by them. 

About us

    Lenwell is a professional cell phone screen repair shop registered in Houston, Texas. Our services include Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Samsung cell phone screen repairs and LCD buyback. We also provide replacement screens if you choose to save on repair costs by installing the new screens by yourself. Our customers are both cell phone stores and consumers. We are one of the few repair shops in US that repairs screens on full line of Apple and Samsung cell phones and tablets on daily basis. We have fixed damaged screens on more than 30,000+ Apple and Samsung devices since 2015. Cell phone stores are welcome to contact us for partnership opportunities for more customers, lower repair costs and faster turnaround. 

Terms and Conditions

Any customer that uses our services or purchase merchandise from us automatically accepts the following terms and conditions.
  • ORDERS - Once repair work has been authorized by the customer and we have started working on your device, the order cannot be cancelled. Lenwell is only responsible for the repairs being done on the device and parts directly related. The warranty does not cover the whole device or any other unrelated parts, even if they need to be taken apart for the repair and put together after repair.
  • INSPECTIONS - By sending your device for repair or diagnose you are giving consent and acknowledging that Lenwell will take necessary steps, including removing broken glass, to diagnose your device. Customers will be notified of confirmed conditions of the device if different from initially submitted conditions.
  • DATA BACKUP - All and any repairs no matter how simple or complicated have the risk of data loss. Customers are responsible to BACKUP their data before any repair is done. Lenwell is not responsible for any data loss.
  • ACCESSORIES - Customers must NOT LEAVE ACCESSORIES OR PARTS with the device being repaired; that includes cases, phone or laptop chargers, sim cards, and/or memory cards. Lenwell is not responsible for any lost items
  • PASSCODE - We will need the lock screen pass code to complete our check in process OR you'll need to wipe the device so we can do so. If pass code is not provided or device isn't wiped, we are not responsible for any other issues with the device because WE CANNOT TEST IT.
  • BATTERY - Please charge your battery before shipping the device. If the battery is not charged we may not be able to guarantee specified time frame due to extra time required to charge the device.
  • BENT OR DAMAGED FRAME - We will try our best to straighten bent frame to make the new screen fit properly on the frame. We will also make efforts to clean your device as good as possible but some frames might be a little rough depending on the damages.
  • HOME BUTTON - Occasionally the touch ID stops working after replacing the screen / home button. It is a known issue. Your Touch ID will only work with the iPad's original home button. We will not be responsible for non-working Touch ID if your home button needs to be replaced. The new home button will still work but your touch ID will not.
  • WATERPROOF - All electronic devices are NO LONGER WATERPROOF if they need to be opened for repair.